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At the Glassblowers of Manitou our greatest satisfaction comes from helping customers find the perfect item. That's why we have an ever growing collection of hand made glass artwork for any occasion. We continue to incorporate glass roses, glass hummingbirds and hearts into more unique hand crafted artwork to make sure that your shopping experience with us is unforgettable. Forge the relationship that can last a lifetime with our timeless pieces. Don't see what you want? Then contact us to consult with our glass artisans to make what you truly desire.
Glass Pendant w/Color Flower
Glass Necklace With A Colored Glass Flower Encased In The Middle Each Pendant
Large Carousel
Large glass carousel featuring four horses and 22K gold accents. Available in pink, blue, green and purple.
Mothers Day Rose
Mothers Day rose with seperate clear vase.
Green Tear Drop Pendant
Green colored glass necklace.
Kissing Swan Cake Top
Kissing Swan Cake Top
Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament
Knit glass tree ornament. Adorned with hand painting and 22K gold.
Wedding Bells Cake Top
Wedding Bells Cake Top
Duck Taking Flight
Glass duck taking flight on mirror
Colored Glass Roses In Vase
Colored Glass Creates The Beauty Encapsulated In These Flowers Which Are Based In A Simple Glass Vase
Sparkle Crimson Rose
Beautiful Glass Crimson Rose
Clear Butterfly Heart
Clear Butterfly Heart
2 Dolphin Cake Top
2 Dolphin Cake Top
Small Carousel
Handcrafted glass carousel featuring three horses and 22K gold accents. Rotates freely around. Available in green, pink
Rufus Hummingbird
Two Toned Glass Hummingbird With 22k Gold